Chris Hemsworth Reveals When He’ll Stop Playing Thor within the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is introducing new characters left and proper in Phase 4. But there’s one superhero who has been round because the MCU’s starting that continues to thrive on this fictional world — Thor Odinson. The God of Thunder, performed by Chris Hemsworth, is the primary Marvel superhero to attain a fourth solo film within the type of Thor: Love and Thunder. But Hemsworth has made it clear that he is aware of when will probably be time to depart Thor behind.

Chris Hemsworth | Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Chris Hemsworth has performed Thor within the MCU for 11 years

Marvel followers met Chris Hemsworth’s Thor in Thor in 2011, the MCU’s fourth movie in Phase 1. The God of Thunder’s first solo outing launched viewers to the mythological facet of Marvel, and it arrange the occasions of The Avengers, which premiered in 2012.

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