DBD Perk Changes Confirmed For PTB

This week’s Dead By Daylight dev replace revealed some large reworks are coming to the sport, with 39 DBD Perk Changes confirmed for June’s PTB.

A ton of reveals had been made as a part of the Dead By Daylight Developer Update, which was hosted as a part of the sport’s sixth Anniversary Livestream Celebrations.

Behaviour Interactive has already confirmed that each one the modifications being made will certainly rework the present meta, and result in new methods taking their place.

Dead by Daylight | Waterfront Massacre Collection Trailer



Dead by Daylight | Waterfront Massacre Collection Trailer






Dead By Daylight Perk Rework Confirmed For June 2022 PTB

Behaviour Interactive has confirmed that the entire revision of the present system can be made doable by the staff’s meta-shifting perk overhaul, in addition to via the launch of a brand new development system. Interactive needs to make it simpler to unlock perks, and they’re going to do that by altering the present system which at the moment requires you to achieve stage 40 on a given character to unlock all their teachable perks, then discover these perks within the Bloodwebs of each different character.

A message from Interactive explains: “In order to unlock all the new perks on every character by the time the next Chapter releases, you would need to play an estimated average of 4.1 hours every day. With this new system, that estimate decreases to an average of 1.01 hours each day – and that’s not even factoring in Bloodpoint bonuses from events, perks, or offerings.”

According to Behaviour, the brand new system can be centered round status, with the teachable rarity being eliminated. Instead, Prestiging a personality for the primary time will immediately unlock the Tier 1 variations of their distinctive perks for all different Killers or Survivors, making them instantly accessible to be used with out ever opening the Bloodweb. Prestiging a personality for the second and third time will unlock the Tier 2 & 3 variations of their distinctive perks. Alternatively, higher-tier variations of their perks will seem randomly in Bloodwebs as soon as the primary Tier has been unlocked.

It also needs to be famous that Prestiging a personality will not take away their perks, gadgets, add-ons, or choices, and reaching ranges 4, 5 and 6 will now award that character’s bloody status cosmetics. And under, yow will discover out what’s coming subsequent to the DBD PTB, with a brand new testing patch scheduled to launch earlier than June 30:

Dead By Daylight Dev Update Meta Perk Changes
For this replace, perk modifications fall into one in all two classes: meta perks which can be used too typically, and non-meta perks that serve the same objective however aren’t used as a lot.

We perceive that a lot of you have got grown connected to your favorite perks and loadouts. Unfortunately, shaking up the meta inevitably leads to a couple modifications. Rest assured that our purpose is to offer alternate options that align along with your most popular playstyle whereas widening the scope to incorporate extra viable perk choices.

It’s additionally essential to notice that not each meta perk is equal, and every was thought-about on a case-by-case foundation. So, what are Dead by Daylight’s meta perks? By referencing each group suggestions and inside knowledge, we are able to see that some perks stand above the remainder.

  • For Killers: Barbecue and Chilli, Hex: Ruin, Pop Goes the Weasel, Corrupt Intervention, Tinkerer, Hex: No One Escapes Death, and Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance.
  • For Survivors: Dead Hard, Borrowed Time, Decisive Strike, Iron Will, Self-Care, and Spine Chill.

The full record of Dead By Daylight Perk Changes can be found here.

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