Destiny 2: Heart Shadow Sword Guide

Bungie’s Destiny 2 welcomed its seventeenth Season final month. In phrases of recent content material, Season of the Haunted launched some reworks to older occasions and one of many subclasses with Solar 3.0. Aside from the return of Nightmares and the inevitable Leviathan revisit, Guardians additionally obtained to discover a brand new dungeon named Duality. Within its confines await Legendary tools, profitable challenges and Triumphs, however most significantly, one of many two Exotic weapons: the Heart Shadow Sword.

Before Guardians can attempt their luck at claiming this Season’s new Exotic weapon, they should get hold of The Witch Queen Dungeon Key first, which gives entry to the Duality dungeon. While gamers who’ve bought The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition are given The Witch Queen Dungeon Key freed from cost, others can purchase the merchandise individually from the Eververse retailer, the Duality dungeon node, or the sport’s Hawthorne vendor.

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What Is Destiny 2’s Heart Shadow Sword?

As an Exotic armament that focuses on heavy assaults, the Heart Shadow Sword is a considerably uncommon discover. It’s recognized to drop after Guardians end the ultimate encounter in opposition to Caiatl within the Duality dungeon, however solely on the primary completion of the week. To go together with its exclusivity and a meager spawn fee, Heart Shadow has two distinct perks that set it other than different in-game weapons. The Sword’s primary intrinsic trait, Exhumation, turns Guardians invisible whereas firing explosive Void projectiles each time they ship heavy assaults with full Sword vitality. Its unique trait, Shot within the Dark, will increase the injury inflicted throughout lively durations of invisibility and weakens any opponents hit by the Sword’s projectiles all through the trait’s length.

Although the Heart Shadow’s predominant attract lies in the opportunity of taking to the shadows and reducing the enemy’s well being bar with out being focused, its heavy assaults eat 4 ammo when initiated. Given that the weapon can solely carry a batch of fifty ammo, counting on the Sword to realize the higher hand may show inconvenient for some builds, however Void Hunters specifically shouldn’t have any points taking advantage of its perks. Aside from the truth that Hunters can simply set off Heart Shadow’s unique trait, Void subclasses can considerably improve the length of Exhumation by casting Echo of Persistence.

While the newly launched Exotic Sword is clearly designed to enrich the innate competencies of Void builds, Guardians ought to think about boosting its efficacy with a respective Catalyst. Upon acquiring the Heart Shadow, gamers can return to the Duality dungeon to combat three Nightmares and deposit their essences in the event that they want to procure the weapon’s Catalyst. Taking down 400 enemies with the Sword will unlock the Catalyst’s Wraithwalk, a ability that reinforces the Guardian’s motion pace when invisible.

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How to Increase Heart Shadow’s Drop Rate in Destiny 2

With the best mixture of sunshine and heavy assaults and a well timed utility of boosts that construct on the Sword’s advantageous traits, Heart Shadow can efficiently present Void subclasses with an edge over their opponents, each in PvE and PvP. Since its look after the ultimate encounter within the Duality dungeon will not be assured, gamers can improve the weapon’s drop fee by totally different means.

So far, a number of Triumphs related to the brand new dungeon cater to the Sword’s devoted RNG. By finishing Solo Thoughtstealer, Master Thoughtstealer, or Mind Heist, the chance of Heart Shadow gracing the Guardians with its presence will go up by a little bit. Ideally, finishing all three give a major increase in its spawn fee, however soloing all encounters in Duality or finishing it on Master issue requires excessive energy ranges. For Guardians fascinated with bumping their probabilities of buying Heart Shadow with out resorting to time-consuming runs which may fail, discovering 12 Repressed Memories all through the dungeon will in the end guarantee completion of the Mind Heist Triumph.

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