Dragon Age: Dreadwolf – What Tearing Down the Veil Would Mean

The Dragon Age franchise has been constructing upon its lore since day one, particularly with regards to the Fade. A mystical otherworld past the veil, the Fade is dwelling to each demons and spirits and offers a wellspring of magical power for mages to attract upon when casting spells. According to Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s Trespasser DLC, the veil didn’t at all times exist. It was a safeguard he raised with a view to seal the gods away and sever their connection to the mortal world.

The magic required to create the veil was so highly effective that, upon execution, Solas was knocked unconscious and spent tons of of years asleep. Upon waking, he found, to his horror, the error he’d made. In an effort to guard the elves, he’d really made issues worse, and he started the lengthy work of formulating a plan to proper his wrongs. He lacked energy upon first waking, which prompted him to provide the orb to Corypheus, however as a substitute of reaching the wanted outcome, it tore the veil and empowered the mortal who grew to become the Inquisitor.

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What Is the Veil in Dragon Age Lore?

The veil just isn’t an precise, bodily barrier that one can contact or see below regular circumstances, however it’s a very actual barrier between Thedas and the Fade. It has been described as a vibration of power, which the Inquisitor was tasked by Solas to measure in the course of the Inquisition, designed to maintain mortals from bodily crossing into the Fade and spirits from crossing into Thedas. However, those that dream, particularly mages, can go via the veil and journey the Fade, although most aren’t even conscious they’re doing so.

For 1000’s of years, the Chantry believed the Veil was created by the Maker, however the fact was much more difficult. An historic elf named Solas, known as Fen’Harel or Dread Wolf by his enemies, created the veil in an effort to guard the elves of Elvhenan from the power-hungry Evanuris they believed have been their creator gods. Sealing these highly effective beings away from the mortal world appeared like a good suggestion on the time, however Solas did not issue the affect the lack of their energy would have on Elvhenan. Almost fully reliant on magic, Elvhenan collapsed, and the elves Solas sought to guard have been thrust into difficulties far larger than he imagined.

Not solely did the elves lose their dwelling, in addition they misplaced the very freedom Solas sought to protect for them. Enslaved by Tevinter magisters, the struggling of the elves grew to become legendary. Though they managed to attain freedom from slavery, they have been homeless, regarded down upon by people, and those that did not wind up within the metropolis alienages discovered themselves eternally on the transfer in Dalish caravans, at all times trying to find a spot to settle however by no means discovering one.

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What Will Happen If Solas Destroys the Veil in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf?

The hopes Solas had for the elven folks have been dashed by his mistake, and although conscious of the upcoming penalties, he’s decided to revive the elves to their former glory. Tearing down the veil wouldn’t solely return magic to the world in methods it doesn’t bear in mind, however restore the immortality the elves as soon as loved. In idea, they might have the facility to reclaim the respect they deserve, however the associated fee can be epic.

First, the veil is holding each demons and spirits in verify and stopping them (for essentially the most half) from tormenting and corrupting mortals. While mages should still be a gateway for spirits to crossover into the mortal realm, nearly all of spirits do not at present have a simple avenue into Thedas. Not all spirits are demons, however they’ll develop into corrupted by publicity to mortal beliefs and feelings. That alone might be catastrophic for Thedas, as 1000’s upon 1000’s of spirits be part of mortals on the bodily aircraft.

Secondly, these highly effective, historic beings the elves believed have been gods are additionally being constrained by the veil. Considering they have been tricked by one among their very own, it is not tough to think about the centuries of wrath they have been sitting on. Solas confessed that he locked them away as a result of, had he not accomplished so, they might have destroyed the world. It’s straightforward to foresee them inflicting their rage upon the world simply as they murdered Mythal, one among their very own, merely for arguing with their damaging lust for energy.

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It’s additionally vital to contemplate that it is not simply the Evanuris locked away behind the veil. There was a second pantheon of alleged gods known as “The Forgotten Ones” who additionally fell prey to the Dread Wolf’s treachery. Little is understood about them, save that they have been an enemy of the Evanuris. It’s potential the Forgotten Ones are the archemons which were instigating the blight throughout Thedas for ages. If that is the case, releasing them may set off a blight highly effective sufficient to wipe out each the people and the dwarves if allowed to run rampant.

Additionally, all the pieces the Chantry has taught in regards to the Maker and Andraste would even be known as into query, signaling an enormous surge in insurrection and battle in opposition to one of the highly effective establishments in Thedas. As humanity discover itself spiraling right into a deep disaster of religion, many will surprise if something is value preventing for if all they’ve ever identified is confirmed to be a lie. Demons and spirits, enraged beings with god-like powers, blight, famine, battle, and unchecked magic are indicators of the top occasions, but when heroes of Thedas just like the Grey Warden, Hawke, and the Inquisitor have confirmed something, it is that there’s at all times hope the daybreak will come.

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