Gen 8 Ghost-type Tier List

Pokemon Legends Arceus has accomplished Gen 8 and shortly, the sequence will transfer on to Gen 9 with Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. Now that Gen 8 is full, we are able to start rating the brand new creatures that had been launched in Pokemon: Arceus, Sword, and Shield. Tier lists are a simple method for brand new gamers to resolve which Pokemon are finest to incorporate on their groups. Tiers are additionally a terrific dialog starter amongst long-time gamers and followers.

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The Ghost-type is definitely a fan favourite for a lot of causes. Ghost-types are recognized for his or her enjoyable and modern designs in addition to their highly effective presence in battle. So, we’ll start with this glorious kind as we have a look at the overwhelmingly fabulous, ghostly entries added to the Pokedex in Gen 8.


Shadow Rider Calyrex

This is, fairly merely, an overpowered Pokemon. There’s no different method of placing it. It has phenomenal stats, with 165 Special Attack and a ridiculous 150 Speed. It’s a Psychic/Ghost-type, each of that are glorious offensive sorts, as the one kind that may resist each of those without delay is Dark, which means it could possibly hit the overwhelming majority of Pokemon neutrally. It has a fully terrifying transfer in Astral Barrage, a 120 base energy, Special Ghost-type, transfer that has no disadvantage or a miss probability. It even hits each opponents in a Double Battle.

Finally, it has a improbable Ability known as As One. What makes As One so robust is that it is really two Abilities. The first is Unnerve, a powerful Ability that stops the opponent from consuming their Berry so long as the Pokemon with Unnerve is on the sphere. The different is Grim Neigh, an Ability that reinforces the person’s Special Attack stat by one stage each time they take a KO, as much as 6 instances.

All of this comes collectively to type a Pokemon that’s an absolute beast. Make no mistake about it, this is likely one of the finest Pokemon to make use of within the aggressive recreation as of now. The closest factor it has to a flaw is the 4x weaknesses to Ghost and Dark, each of that are its solely 2 weaknesses, I ought to add.



Spectrier is a really robust Pokemon with a improbable ghostly design. With 145 Special Attack, 130 Speed, and a pure Ghost typing, it is clearly meant to be a fast-but-fragile, harm seller. What additional bolsters that is Grim Neigh, an Ability that reinforces Spectrier’s Special Attack each time it KO’s one thing, which means it could possibly snowball and turn out to be unstoppable given the precise state of affairs. Pure Ghost is a improbable typing each offensively and defensively. It can hit most sorts for impartial, it solely has 2 weaknesses and inherently comes with 2 resistances and a pair of immunities.

The solely factor Spectrier has going in opposition to it’s the movepool. It learns Ghost, Normal and Psychic strikes and actually not a lot else. With how robust its excessive factors are, nevertheless, the dearth of excellent transfer selection does not damage it an excessive amount of.


Dragapult is Gen 8’s Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon and wow, it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a quick blended attacker with 120 factors in Attack, 100 in Special Attack, and an insane 142 Speed stat. Dragon/Ghost is a powerful offensive and defensive pairing, as no kind can resist each of those STABs concurrently, and it comes with 6 resistances and a pair of immunities.

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The strikes and Abilities are fairly good, too. Dragapult has a really huge movepool, accessing robust attacking strikes from Dragon, Ghost, Flying, Psychic, Normal, Electric, and Fire, in addition to good utility strikes such because the screens, Dragon Dance and Substitute.

As for Abilities, it has entry to Clear Body (blocks any and all stat discount), Cursed Body (opponent has a 30% probability of one among their strikes being locked for 4 turns if Dragapult is attacked), and Infiltrator (the results of screens are ignored).


Hisuian Zoroark

Hisuian Zoroark is a merely pleasant shock Legends: Arceus gave to the sequence. Easily essentially the most noteworthy factor about it’s its kind mixture of Normal/Ghost. This is, arms down, among the finest kind combos in Pokemon as a complete.

On the defensive finish, It has a single weak spot to Dark. That’s it. In change for this, the mix comes with 2 resistances to Bug and Poison, and a whopping 3 immunities to Normal, Fighting, and Ghost. For the offensive facet, there isn’t any kind within the recreation that may resist Normal and Ghost on the similar time, which means it’s going to nearly by no means deal any type of resisted harm, which is immensely useful.

It excels at hitting opponents for impartial harm and makes use of its immunities, resistances, and Ability to modify out and in safely. Combine this with Hisiuan Zoroark’s excessive offensive stats and excessive Speed stat of 110, this factor can simply do some large harm if avoided Dark-type assaults.


Basculegion is a traditional instance of a well-designed Pokemon. It has a wonderful kind mixture that’s Water/Ghost. This pairing has solely 4 weaknesses to Grass, Electric, Ghost, and Dark, and 6 resistances to Poison, Ice, Water, Bug, Steel, and Fire, with 2 immunities to Fighting and Normal to prime all of it off. Offensively, it hits 5 sorts tremendous successfully Ground, Rock, Ghost, Psychic, and Fire, and there’s no kind that may resist Water and Ghost without delay.

The actual magic of Basculegion and what makes it so robust nevertheless are the Abilities. First up is Adaptability. This Ability has a quite simple however highly effective impact. It makes STAB strikes have a 2x multiplier as a substitute of the same old 1.5x multiplier. This means Basculegion’s Water and Ghost strikes can have absurd harm output, particularly given the truth that each sorts are good offensively anyway.

Next is Rattled. Basculegion is the primary really good Pokemon to get this Ability. If the person will get hit by both a Bug, Dark, or Ghost-type transfer or will get affected by the Intimidate Ability, their Speed will increase by 1 stage. Basculegion has a middling Speed stat of 78, however after this increase, it turns into a decent 117, making it fairly quick.


Hisuian Typhlosion

This is the ultimate evolution of the Fire-type starter in Legends: Arceus, and might be essentially the most helpful of the three. It has highly effective typing in Fire/Ghost. 5 weaknesses, 7 resisted sorts, 2 immunities, 6 strengths, and no kind is able to resisting Fire and Ghost on the similar time. Hisuian Typhlosion’s most defining trait is that has a particularly robust mixture of excessive Speed, good Special Attack, and entry to the transfer Eruption.

Eruption is a really highly effective transfer, it is a Special Fire-type transfer that makes use of the harm formulation of extra HP = greater harm. At full HP this transfer has 150 base Power, which is simply loopy. Typhlosion’s Speed of 95 permits it to often use this transfer earlier than the opponent can assault it and scale back the transfer’s harm, (and this isn’t contemplating Speed boosts or the Choice Scarf merchandise), and Typhlosion’s excessive Special Attack of 119 implies that Eruption *will* sting if the opponent will get hit with it.


Polteageist is an excellent instance of a “one-trick pony” type of Pokemon, however it does that one trick amazingly nicely. Polteagiest has entry to the insane mixture of the transfer Shell Smash + the transfer Stored Power, and it is presently the one Pokemon to have this mix. Shell Smash drops the person’s Defense and Special Defense by 50% in change for doubling Attack, Special Attack, and Speed.

Polteageist already has a really excessive Special Attack at 134, and its usually middling Speed of 70 turns into 140 after this increase. Add in that the one 2 sorts that may resist Ghost strikes are Dark and Normal, and Polteageist can maintain each the Focus Sash and White Herb objects to assist negate the protection drops from Shell Smash, and it could possibly shred by foes like its nothing.

Stored Power additionally helps with this aim. Stored Power is a Special Psychic transfer that makes use of the harm formulation of extra stat will increase = greater base Power. The quick rationalization of that is that after just one Shell Smash, this transfer’s base Power turns into 140, and the transfer has no drawbacks or dangerous Accuracy to talk of, making it very dependable.



Cursola is a Pokemon that exhibits there’s energy in simplicity. Cursola has a monstrous 145 Special Attack and 130 Special Defense, with a painfully low Speed stat of 30 as a trade-off. It’s clear what its position is meant to be. It makes use of that prime Special Defense to take in Special strikes and deal again enormous harm with its personal Special strikes, and it has a number of instruments to facilitate this.

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First, the sort. Pure Ghost solely has 2 weaknesses to itself and Dark, which means Cursola is not going to take super-effective harm typically, particularly when positioned correctly. Ghost additionally hits each kind within the recreation for impartial harm apart from Normal and Dark, so not loads can take diminished harm from its STAB strikes.

Cursola’s movepool is deep. It has entry to robust Special Attacking strikes from the Ghost, Grass, Water, Rock, Ground, Ice, and Psychic-types. It can simply fill in any protection the participant’s present staff may be missing. Finally, its Ability in Weak Armor can really make that seemingly horrible Speed stat really price one thing.


Runerigus, regardless of being on the backside of this listing, undoubtedly has a number of issues going for it. Ground/Ghost is a really helpful kind mixture. It comes with 5 weaknesses, 3 resistances, and three immunities on the defensive facet, all of that are good traits, however the offensive finish is the place issues get fascinating.

This combo can hit 7 differing types for tremendous efficient harm, and there’s no particular person kind within the recreation that resists each Ghost and Ground, making this pairing helpful in just about any state of affairs. It has a really attention-grabbing Ability known as Wandering Spirit. This Ability trades Runerigus’ and the attacker’s Ability each time it is hit with a contact transfer.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is accessible now on Nintendo Switch.

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