How EXU Calamity Can Inspire Lore-Heavy Adventures

In Dungeons & Dragons, settings are the reflection of the devoted work of inventive worldbuilders, and the world of Exandria by which Critical Role is about is likely one of the most attention-grabbing. Its deep lore hyperlinks collectively Critical Role‘s three campaigns, varied one-shots, and the varied iteration of Exandria Unlimited, together with the latest one, Calamity.

Set 1,000 years earlier than the remainder of the collection, Brennan Lee Mulligan’s unbelievable fashion as Dungeon Master suits completely on this time of deep arcane information in Exandria’s historical past. His lengthy monologues in regards to the energy and hubris that permeates the Age of Arcanum give the viewers and gamers life to the historical past that was written by Matthew Mercer and others who created Exandria. In a setting like this, it may be a troublesome job for DMs to remain targeted on the participant characters and their expertise on the earth, however there are some classes they’ll find out about getting ready and operating lore-heavy adventures from Mulligan’s fashion and EXU: Calamity.

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Get Characters Involved within the Lore

Adventures that require lots of lore drops and monologues from the DM can typically go away characters with nothing to do. In reality, the primary episode of EXU: Calamity had no fight and did not require the gamers to have a look at their character sheets fairly often, if in any respect. Still, the DM stored everybody concerned. Even although the gamers did not use many combat-focused talents coming from the “Ring of Brass,” Mulligan gave his gamers alternatives to attract upon their expertise and information. At stage 14, every of the characters had been rolling astronomical talent checks, most of that are within the excessive 20s. For occasion, Travis Willingham’s Cerrit was ready to make use of his expertise as an Inquisitive Rogue throughout his introductory scene to assemble clues.

These expertise give Brennan the chance to inform the gamers what their characters know and the way they happened figuring it out. This is especially obvious with the constant Arcana and History checks made by the characters. Also, the best way by which Brennan provides the knowledge leaves the gamers feeling rewarded for his or her creativity and particular questioning.

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Characters Should Feel a Sense of Power

EXU: Calamity‘s Avalir is extremely superior in its understanding of the arcane and their utilization of magic. A participant can, at occasions, really feel a little bit misplaced or that their character has no place in a setting like this. Mulligan does a implausible job at portraying the overwhelming arcane information of the age whereas making gamers really feel in command of that energy. There had been occasions when the characters would do issues that, at decrease ranges, would require plenty of time and sources, corresponding to figuring out a magic merchandise or detecting magic. The method the gamers do this stuff with out their character sheets and utilizing particular spells or options performs into the convenience at which the characters use magic.

Even those that do not use magic have unbelievable talents that match the depth of the arcane. For occasion, on the finish of the primary episode, Cerrit sees and kills an invisible enemy. The method by which Mulligan described Willingham’s unbelievable notion examine made it match the facility of Cerrit’s comrades, simply with a unique set of expertise.

Arcane-heavy adventures do not necessitate high-level characters, however lower-level characters needs to be given a way of awe within the face of energy they’ll hope to at some point attain. Leaning into the sensation of being misplaced and weak will also be an excellent expertise for gamers. On both finish of the spectrum, arcane information could be a great plot machine.

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Choose a Theme That Drives the Plot

EXU: Calamity options just a few completely different plotlines operating alongside the characters. One focuses on the theme of hubris, which is proven in some ways, however significantly via the foreshadowing of the unexpected downfall of an excellent civilization. An excellent theme can provide a path for gamers to comply with and a construction to the knowledge they’re given.

A terrific theme to make use of in taking after EXU: Calamity is the distinction between divine and arcane types of magic. This is a theme we see tied into the hubris of mages throughout this age. The story of the Calamity is centered round mages and a metropolis whose energy was so nice they thought themselves equal to the gods and scoffed at those that drew magic from different sources. This theme brings together with it many historic and up to date occasions and particulars in regards to the world in addition to how the deities of the world work together with its residents.

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