How to Use The Force

The Force is likely one of the most vital components of Star Wars. As Obi-Wan defined in A New Hope, the Force is an power area created by all residing issues that binds the galaxy collectively. The Force is extra than simply one other magic system in one other generic fantasy setting — it is a metaphysical and spiritual energy that impacts and flows by the whole thing of the Star Wars franchise. Considering how vital the Force is to the setting, Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game makes certain to combine it as an important a part of play.

While not each character will be capable to wield the pressure, its inclusion is crucial to verify gamers are immersed within the Star Wars universe. The Force within the SWRPG is distinct from the magic techniques of most different TTRPGs. The Force mechanics within the recreation overlap with one another intricately that explaining how they work is a fancy job, however the very best place to start out is with the Force Die.

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How to Use the Force Die and Destiny Tokens in SWRPG

The Force Die is a white 12-sided die that has black and white pips on its sides. Seven of the faces present black pips with six of them displaying a single pip and one among them displaying two pips. The remaining 5 faces have white pips, with three of the perimeters displaying two pips and two sides solely having one. At the start of each session of play, every participant rolls the Force Die as soon as to generate that session’s pool of Destiny Tokens. Each black pip will add one darkish aspect Destiny Token whereas every White Pip provides one gentle aspect Destiny Token. Destiny Tokens are flipped all through gameplay with gentle aspect tokens being utilized by the gamers to offer themselves boons and darkish aspect tokens permitting the GM to offer extra challenges.

Whenever somebody makes use of a Force Power within the SWRPG, they roll Force Dice equal to their Force Rating to see in the event that they succeed and by what measure. A single white pip on the Force Die will often be sufficient to make use of probably the most primary model of Force Powers however would require extra pips to unlock extra options. While the essential guidelines depend black pips as failures, in Force and Destiny a personality can flip a future level, acquire battle and take pressure to make use of a black pip for his or her Force Power.

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How to Become Force-Sensitive in SWRPG

Almost any character can grow to be Force-sensitive by regular play and development. The solely requirement to make use of a Force Power is to have the prerequisite Force Rating on their character sheet. A personality’s Force Rating represents their connection and energy with the Force and determines what number of Force Dice they will roll when making an attempt to make use of a Force Power. There are two methods to accumulate a Force Rating — the primary is thru character creation and the second is thru development.

All the Careers in Force and Destiny, in addition to the Jedi Career from the 2 Clone Wars sourcebooks, begin the participant character with one Force Rating at the price of ability bonuses. Otherwise, a personality must spend XP on a brand new Specialization that will get them a Force Rating. Once a Force-Sensitive Specialization is acquired, the participant can advance down the expertise tree to ultimately acquire extra Force Ratings.

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How to Use the Force in SWRPG

Once a personality has a Force Rating, they will begin to take Force Powers as one other development. Force Powers work very in another way within the SWRPG in comparison with magic in different TTRPGs. Unlike spells in Dungeons & Dragons that are organized into colleges and can be found primarily based on class and stage, Force Powers should be individually bought with XP. There are solely 20 Force Powers within the SWRPG, however collectively they cowl all the primary powers seen within the movies, television reveals and video games.

Each Force Power has a primary model that describes what the ability can do and what number of pips on the Force Die are wanted to gasoline it. Like specialization, every Force Power additionally comes with an development tree. The extra XP a participant spends on a Force Power, the extra highly effective or versatile it turns into with the necessity for extra Force Die pips to get the total impact.

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How Morality Figures into SWRPG

Morality is the distinctive background characteristic launched in Force and Destiny for characters tied to the Force. Morality represents a personality’s general pattern in the direction of the sunshine or darkish aspect of the Force. When characters faucet into the darkish aspect or commit immoral actions, they acquire battle factors primarily based on how extreme the motion was as decided by the GM. At the top of a session, or when the GM and participant really feel it’s acceptable, the participant rolls a d10 and subtracts the battle from the results of the cube. The ensuing quantity is then added to the character’s Morality rating.

A rating of fifty is taken into account to be centered, 75 is deemed a light-weight aspect paragon, and 25 is a darkish aspect paragon. If a participant’s morality ever reaches 25 they’re thought of to have fallen to the Dark Side and might now use darkish aspect pips on the Force Die as an alternative of sunshine aspect pips. The solely option to return to the sunshine aspect is to hit 75 morality, representing the way it’s tougher to redeem oneself from the darkish aspect than merely avoiding it within the first place.

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