New Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Dog-Inspired Creature Allegedly Leaks

An lovely canine-like species will reportedly make its debut in Game Freak’s first ninth-generation Pokémon video games, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

A brand new leak for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet unveiled a brand new lovely canine companion which may quickly be making its debut.

Pictures of the alleged new Pokémon posted on Reddit revealed it resembled a small blue canine with lengthy, floppy white-tipped ears. One image additional confirmed the little Pokémon was named Puudle, although it remained unclear if it was the precise title of its species or if it was solely a intelligent nickname given by its coach. Another picture additionally included a glimpse at a seemingly wild degree 6 Puudle, which could suggest the little canine Pokémon shall be one of many first new-gen species gamers will encounter throughout their journey via the area.

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The group was cut up relating to the authenticity of the leak. Some believed the Pokémon was solely a well-made edit, claiming variations between the rock textures within the images and beforehand revealed in-game footage steered a pretend. Some followers discounted the leak’s credibility because of Puudle’s character mannequin, as they believed the mannequin’s fur texturing was uncharacteristic of Pokémon‘s visible model. Others identified that the screenshot’s inconsistencies might need been as a result of they had been taken on an early alpha model of Scarlet and Violet. They additionally hypothesized Puudle’s distinctive fur texture resulted from the builders experimenting with the sport’s 3D fashions, just like how Seviper was seen to have seen scales in trailers.

This wasn’t the one purported ninth-generation Pokémon to make waves in the neighborhood. Rumors relating to Scarlet and Violet‘s Sprigatito, the brand new starter grass-type Pokémon, started to propagate after a leaked video gave followers their first have a look at what was supposedly its closing evolution. The video showcased Sprigatito’s alleged third kind as a inexperienced bipedal humanoid, with the Pokémon additionally displaying extra obvious fox-like traits.

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Riddler Khu, a notable leaker inside the Pokémon group, beforehand claimed Scarlet and Violet‘s storyline will include a time-travel aspect. Speculation started when Khu uploaded a modified screenshot of Stein’s;Gate, an anime closely reliant on time journey as a plot gadget, a theme many followers theorized could be central to the brand new Pokémon entries. Like his earlier hints in riddle kind, Khu kept away from explaining their motive for posting the picture, resulting in followers debating how the present’s themes may coincide with Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are scheduled to launch completely for Nintendo Switch on Nov. 18.

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