Overwatch 2 Could Bring Controversial Maps Back for New Game Modes

Overwatch 2 ought to enable builders the flexibility to do greater than they’ll with Overwatch, as its outdated methods complicate improvement. These modifications embrace taking undesirable methods out of Overwatch 2 like loot packing containers, the “on fire” meter, some crowd management skills, amongst different issues. Along with improved character fashions, time of day map settings, and the brand new Push recreation mode, Overwatch 2 will launch with out one in every of its most derided recreation modes “Assault,” extra generally often known as 2CP from playlists.


The retirement of the 2CP from Quick Play and Competitive playlists in Overwatch 2 will imply that the general public will not work together with maps which have better worth to the general lore of Overwatch. The ‘Infiltration’ cinematic that included Widowmaker, Reaper, and Sombra befell on Volskya Industries which is one in every of 5 2CP maps in Overwatch. During a Reddit AMA, Overwatch followers got the chance to ask about something in regards to the recreation forward of the 2nd launch of the Overwatch 2 Beta. One fan requested about what’s going to occur with 2CP maps of Volskya Industries, Temple of Anubis, Horizon Lunar Colony, Hanamura, and Paris.

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When requested about what would occur with maps that go “unused” in Overwatch 2, a developer responded that the workforce is workshopping concepts for redesigning some 2CP maps into different recreation modes. The developer additionally said that 2CP maps can be in Overwatch 2 however solely by customized recreation modes. Furthermore, any redesign of a 2CP map could also be farther away within the improvement roadmap of Overwatch 2 and any redesign can be closely examined in Arcade mode earlier than making a return.

The 2CP recreation mode has its followers, largely due to lore ties, however the mode has been derided at almost all Overwatch talent ranges for being liable to stalemate eventualities at sure factors within the map design, and the sport mode most probably to supply attracts as closing match outcomes. The mode has additionally had many bugs and design points that led to maps being faraway from the Overwatch Competitive map playlist and Overwatch League map swimming pools at one time or one other through the years and completely within the case of Horizon Lunar Colony and Paris.

That work to revamp these 2CP maps could already be effectively alongside as a screenshot captured from the Overwatch 2 Early Access Reveal reveals Hanamura with the Escort map icon. Take that with a grain of salt although because the screenshot additionally has a evident typo in it, exhibiting that these options could also be nonetheless early alongside in improvement and correct icon belongings should still be incorrect. As a lot as followers bemoan the 2CP map kind, there’s aid that the maps may have worth in Overwatch 2 after their redesigns are examined and accomplished. Maps like Hanamura and Volsyka Industries have been central to some Overwatch cinematic shorts and character lore and additional world-building might be completed with these maps.

Overwatch 2 is in improvement with Early Access coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on October 4th, 2022.

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