Spice Wars Announces First Major Update with Multiplayer Addition

Dune: Spice Wars introduced its first main replace as we speak, including multiplayer capabilities to the real-time technique recreation.

Announced alongside a trailer, Dune: Spice Wars revealed particulars about its promised multiplayer perform, which lets gamers band collectively in 2v2 matches or all-out brawls between a most of 4 gamers. “There has never been a better time to lure friends in with promises of spice, then see who the desert takes first,” teased the press launch. Players take the function of both the Atreides, Harkonnen, Fremen, or Smugglers in battles with others or in opposition to AI. As a part of the celebration, the sport can be 20% off on the Steam retailer. The trailer might be seen beneath.

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Other additions embody issue settings for the multiplayer, starting from “easy” to “insane,” and customized tailoring for every recreation right down to particulars similar to map dimension and sandworm, storm and Sietch exercise. Players can even resolve on circumstances for victory. Besides the brand new options, the sport’s growth timber now focus extra on the synergy between factions in addition to including extra occasions, areas, political resolutions and extra.

Published by Funcom and developed by Shiro Games, Dune: Spice Wars asks gamers to make use of the identical levels of political manipulations and betrayal discovered within the books by Frank Herbert. However, the sport doesn’t observe the identical plot because the Dune ebook collection, permitting gamers to invent their very own tales aside from the canon of the novels or movies. Although the sport remains to be in Early Access, Dune: Spice Wars has proved promising to new gamers, resulting in many eagerly anticipating extra content material as pledged in its roadmap. The recreation was constructed with multiplayer in thoughts, making this newest inclusion a large replace for followers.

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Dune: Spice Wars was introduced in December 2021, with Shiro Games CEO Sebastien Vidal describing the crew as “massive” followers of the franchise. “I think I speak for every single person at Shiro Games, when I say that we are all massive fans of Dune – both of the original novel and the new and spectacular Denis Villeneuve film. To be able to bring this universe to life as a strategy game again is incredible,” he stated.

Vidal additionally described the explanations for a Dune technique recreation, describing the universe’s complexities. “The Dune universe is the perfect setting for a strategy game,” he defined. “You have major factions, such as House Atreides and House Harkonnen, with a rivalry that spans back centuries. You have political intrigue, deception, and warfare, all centered around what is by far the most valuable substance in the universe: Spice. And then there is the stage itself, Arrakis, a hostile planet full of hidden wonders to explore. Massive sandworms that can devour entire armies, sandstorms, spice harvesters, all of which our amazing team of developers have incorporated into this game.”

Dune: Spice Wars is accessible now for early entry on PC.

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