Yona Of The Dawn: Strongest Characters, Ranked

Written by Mizuho Kusanagi, Yona of the Dawn facilities across the titular heroine Yona and her band of warriors as they try to save lots of the dominion of Kouka. With a 24-episode run and at the very least 226 enthralling chapters, the collection has launched a slew of memorable characters which have touched the hearts of followers.

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Although the collection has a big solid of characters, solely a choose few might be thought of to be the strongest within the collection. Be it the officers of the Kouka Kingdom or one of many fabled Dragon Warriors, these characters show to be probably the most highly effective the collection has launched up to now.

10 Yona

Initially the sheltered and naive princess of Kouka Kingdom, Yona took up archery beneath Hak’s tutelage with the intention to defend herself whereas on the run. Although her talent with a bow was poor at first, she regularly improved to the purpose of taking pictures an arrow at Yang Kum-Ji, killing him.

While that’s the place her talent ends in regard to the anime, the manga reveals Yona studying swordplay as properly. In Chapter 82, Yona is ready to efficiently defend An-Lili in opposition to the drug lord Hiyou’s males, although not with out sustaining harm.

9 Soo-Won

Although his mild look could recommend in any other case, Soo-Won is a really cruel particular person. One of probably the most defining moments within the collection is when Soo-Won usurps the throne from Yona’s father, Emperor Il, by driving a sword by his coronary heart.

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While his killing of Emperor Il is a notable second, Soo-Won was briefly proven preventing on near-even grounds in opposition to the famend General Hak, making him a really achieved swordsman in his personal proper. Unfortunately, resulting from contracting a seemingly incurable sickness, Soo-Won’s present capability has but to be decided.

8 Shin-Ah

The second Dragon Warrior to affix Yona’s social gathering, Shin-Ah proves to be a succesful combatant. He is a proficient swordsman able to slicing down quite a few enemies inside a brief period of time, as proven in the course of the battle with Yan Kum-ji and his males.

However, Shin-Ah’s Dragon Eyes are his most notable capability, one he possesses because the Blue Dragon’s reincarnation. When used, victims are with horrifying hallucinations which can be able to ceasing bodily capabilities. However, the Dragon Eyes’ predominant downside is that Shin-Ah himself can be paralyzed resulting from his lack of mastery over them.

7 Zeno

Unlike the opposite three Dragon Warriors, Zeno is definitely the unique Yellow Dragon that served King Hiryuu. His younger look stems from him turning into the Yellow Dragon’s host, which subsequently granted him immortality. Naturally, Zeno can not die by any typical means.

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In battle, Zeno is a fierce fighter; whereas he has been proven utilizing a sword and a dagger, he prefers to struggle unarmed. His actual energy lies in his regenerative skills, which manifest in scales that may patch up even probably the most egregious accidents. Combined together with his endurance, Zeno makes for a really long-lasting warrior.

6 Jae-Ha

The freedom-loving Jae-Ha is the third dragon to affix Yona’s social gathering, albeit after a lot convincing. As the reincarnation of the Green Dragon, Jae-Ha possesses the facility of the Dragon’s Foot, which supplies him the rudimentary capability to fly by leaping nice distances. Fittingly sufficient, he’s additionally a succesful martial artist who makes a speciality of kicks.

Aside from his Dragon’s Foot skills, Jae-Ha is expert at throwing small daggers and knives; his most popular technique is to rain projectiles on his opponents whereas hovering within the air. His powers have led individuals to offer him the moniker “The Flying Pirate” throughout his time in Awa Port.

5 Kan Soo-Jin

Kan Soo-Jin served as one of many Five Generals that supported the Kouka Kingdom. Although he appeared to carry Soo-Won in excessive regard, this was revealed to be a farce, as he plotted to have Soo-Won killed with the intention to take the throne for himself, a plan that might satirically lead to his personal loss of life.

In battle, Soo-Jin holds true to his title as General, fearlessly defending his place within the north alongside his military with utmost fervor. While he succeeded in securing an alliance with province chief Li Hazara as a part of this plot in opposition to Soo-Won, he’s finally executed by his personal males on account of Soo-Won’s manipulations.

4 Son Hak

One of the primary warriors to be launched within the collection, Son Hak is without doubt one of the Five Generals of the Kouka Kingdom in addition to the one chargeable for instructing Yona archery. As a baby, he was skilled by his equally famend adoptive grandfather, Son Mundok, alongside Soo-Won, making him a succesful fighter that rivals even the legendary Dragon Warriors.

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Although Hak is able to wielding different weapons, corresponding to a bow and arrow and a sword, his weapon of alternative is his lengthy Guandao, a bisento-like weapon with which he can blow away a number of opponents with ease. Even Soo-Won acknowledged Hak as a harmful opponent throughout their transient conflict at Hiryuu Castle.

3 Li Hazara

The Sen Province Leader, Li Hazara initially fought in opposition to Kan Soo-Jin and his military within the northern a part of Kouka. True to his fearsome look, Hazara is extraordinarily crafty, wishing to ascertain his dominion over the Fire Tribe as soon as he bolsters his already highly effective military.

Although he clashed with Soo-Jin at first, the 2 find yourself becoming a member of forces in an try to take over Hiryuu Castle and usurp Soo-Won. While Hazara agrees to bolster Soo-Jin, he stays ignorant concerning the lore behind Hiryuu fortress, focusing as a substitute on what must be accomplished.

2 Ki-Ja

As the primary Dragon Warrior to affix Yona, Hak, and Yoon, Ki-Ja proved to be not solely the primary powerhouse within the group, but additionally the primary indication of the group taking their activity of saving the dominion of Kouka significantly. His predominant capability is the Dragon’s Claw, the signature capability of the White Dragon.

When not in use, Ki-Ja’s proper hand is of regular measurement, albeit with claws and scales. But when in use, his proper hand grows to an enormous measurement, which might use to smite opponents with lethal outcomes. At one level, Hak even feedback {that a} smack with Ki-Ja’s proper hand is sufficient to kill somebody.

1 Yu-Hon

Although Yu-Hon is deceased by the point the plot begins, the influence that Yu-Hon has on the story is plain. As Soo-Won’s father and the late Emperor Il’s brother, Yu-Hon was a famend man of conflict who gained quite a few victories for Kouka and his late brother, his most notable victory being that over the Xing Kingdom.

Renowned as he was, Yu-Hon additionally had a really merciless streak; he continued to slaughter harmless civilians of the Xing Kingdom even after the opposite facet had admitted defeat. He additionally developed a prejudicial perspective in the direction of the legend of the Four Dragons and executed the High Priest that peddled it. It was finally Yu-Hon’s loss of life that spurred Soo-Won’s choice to homicide Emperor Il.

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